Head up, buttercup
about me
senior. 18. military bound. future psychologist and dietitian. classy asshole. california girl. raised on mississippi gulf coast.

i love...
GLITTER. Unexpected phone calls. Waking up early. Coffee. Fresh bed sheets. In N Out burgers. Working out. Frozen yogurt. Brownies. Sharks. Having clear skin. Donating money for a good cause. Puppies. Immediate texts back. Starbucks. Mac and cheese. Sun sets. Tanning. Arizona tea. Winter. Kittens. Mutual feelings. Fresh fruit. Music. Psychology. Tattoos. Fall. Storms. Love. 11:11. Optimism. Aviators. God. Ranting. Pauly D. Tea. Surfing.

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knowing you mean something to someone, anyone, is the best feeling in the world tbh

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